From Conservative to Cutting Edge

From Conservative to Cutting Edge

Louis Vuitton is a fashion brand that has, for the most part, promoted very conservative values when compared to other leading fashion and high fashion brands. After all, the company is well over a hundred years old, and is a place favored by demographics from all over the spectrum – from the ultra conservative to the ultra liberal.


Yet, for 2016, this gigantic behemoth of a fashion company has unleashed some surprising news – namely in their marketing category. First of all, they have bucked conventional trends by their new line of women’s dresses. The typical trend of having a beautiful woman in a dress showing off the new looks was totally erased as Louis Vuitton took it upon themselves to hire Jaden Smith (Will Smith’s teenage son), to demonstrate his love for the new Louis Vuitton dress line by wearing one.


This is quite the break from the norm and bucks traditional gender roles. While some were upset by the leather and luxury goods company to pull off this stunt, others have praised it for its forward looking mentality. Of course, this is not the first time that Jaden Smith has broken the traditional gender binary roles of male and female, and likely will not be the last one especially considering his parents both support his decisions in what he is doing. Obviously, so does Louis Vuitton, and their new marketing ad has gone viral over social media as people debate whether or not this was a good marketing move and what it meant for society as a whole.


As far as a marketing piece, anything that helps people talk about culture, equality and so on from a simple advertising message is probably an ad that will be highly effective in pulling in more exposure than just what they buy from TV ad space.


Not only did Louis Vuitton feature Jaden Smith, but they also featured another untraditional model for their new clothing line – Lightning from Final Fantasy. That is right. The most powerful luxury and leather brand in the world is marketing their new line of clothing with a fictional anime character from a video game. Like Jaden, this move is making huge waves within the gamer community that were at once taken aback by the decision as well as incredibly pleased by it.


Lightning is the heroine to the Final Fantasy game and is designed by Tetsuya Nonmura, a renowned game designer. It only makes sense that such a renown game designer of an incredibly popular gaming series should end up meeting hand in hand with one of the world’s most powerful brands to create these stunning and striking images of Lightning flashing off her new Louis Vuitton apparel.


What is next for the global powerhouse brand?


Who knows? If Jaden Smith and Lightning from Final Fantasy is any clue, Louis Vuitton might break the mold of its conservative roots and find itself the new innovator and leader in high fashion marketing and trends. Which of course, would be excellent and likely push Louis Vuitton’s brand to all new heights as it scoops up new demographics, turning them into loyal customers.

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